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Music can play a large part of a healthy life. Among many things it can move us, stur emotions and promote cultural and societal unity. The ‘Ukulele has the ability to do this and much much more with incredible ease. It’s hard to not smile when you see someone with an ‘Ukulele and virtually impossible to not smile when you see a kid with an ‘Ukulele.

Ukes for Kids of SF Bay Area mission is to perpetuate the ‘Ukulele and the music, culture and community bonds that come from it by seeding the next generation of ‘Ukulele fanatics. We have been organized to provide free 'Ukulele and lessons to kids at no cost and support local organizations or programs that teach children music through 'Ukulele.

If you have a youth program and are interested in starting a Ukulele program please get in touch.