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Registration closes July 18th 2015! 
               Registrations will be accepted on a first come basis until we reach capacity.  

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‘Ukulele Background: How long have you been playing ‘ukulele and how/why did you start? Are you in any ‘ukulele groups or clubs? Has the ukulele been a good addition to your life, if yes, why? What has been the best experience you've had with it?
:    All contestants are required to attend the Preparation Session on Saturday July 18th. The Prepraration Session will be held at DaSilva 'Ukulele in Berkeley CA between 9:30 - 12:30. In this session contestants will present thier contest song to the judges. This will allow for feedback and advise to be given on all aspects of the judging criteria.  If more registrations are received than available contest spots this session will be used to determine which contestants will be selected for the contest on August 3rd.   Contestants will be contacted with more details.
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:  Parent or guardian signiture is required.  You will be sent a registration confirmation email.  The email must be printed and signed by a parent or guardian and brought to the Contest Preparation Session.
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